Going Away Parade

This high country fest(ival)bier is refreshing, crisp with a subtle maltiness, and noble hop underpinnings that will keep you coming back for another round. 

Carry Me Away

A Kettle Sour with a wheat and pilsner grist, loaded with mango and a touch of habanero. Tart, refreshing, and a little spicy!

Can’t Imagine a More Beautiful Thing

A Mexican Lager that uses a healthy dose of corn to add a dry finish with a round mouthfeel. New age hops added late in the boil add a zippy lime note to the beer. 

Old Barns 

Our take on a classic Norwegian farmhouse beer. The wort is not boiled, and uses a Norwegian landrace yeast variety. This beer gets a touch of lemon pith from lacto found in our foeder balanced by a bread dough maltiness. 

Atop the Perch

A Classic Belgian Saison with a subtle Dry Hop twist using Hallertau Blanc. A rustic body created using cereal grains is met with a dry finish and hints of lemongrass and grape skin from the dry hop.

Love Tractor House Made Kombucha - Coming Soon!

Not Currently Pouring

Modern as Tomorrow IPA

Hazy IPA Hopped with Citra, Eldorado, and Idaho 7 that presents itself as a resinous tropical fruit and hints of apricot.

Moment of Bliss

Light bodied, malt forward, with a slightly roasty finish. With complimentary herbal notes.

Everything’s Round

A sessionable Pale ale with a huge fruity aroma with a crisp malty backbone.