Road to Nowhere

A märzen style beer. This German lager is brewed in March, and lagered until Oktoberfest. Amber in color, with biscuit notes, hints of caramel, and dry enough to want a Liter.

Can’t Image a more Beautiful Thing

Easy drinking Mexican style lager. This beer is made with a hint of corn and hops developed to have a hint of lime and herbal quality. 

Cosmik Debris

Hazy IPA brewed with proprietary neomexicanus hops known as Zappa. This subtlety sweet beer takes on notes of fruity pebbles, and big citrus wafts.

Dragon With Matches

Our American Sour beer. This kettle sour is brewed with boatloads of Mango and just the right amount of Habanero to give heat on the back of the pallet. 

Devil’s Guest of Honor.

A classic take on a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. A famous Belgian ester driven yeast strain gives this beer big notes of fruit balanced by a sweetness that makes for a dangerous combination.

Shankly Gates 

An Oatmeal stout served on Nitro. This beer is velvety, with big notes of coffee and espresso crema. Chocolate, caramel, and a subtle nuttiness round out this delicious beer. 

New Horizons

A traditional Belgian style Saison. This beer is rustic, very dry, with big citrus overtones, and hints of bazooka bubblegum. 

On The Run

This refreshing cream ale is made with a hearty dose of corn and noble hops. A bright floral summer crusher.