Enjoying the Ride

A crisp Helles Lager made using our favorite barke pilsner malt. Hints of lemon with slight floral notes add just the right brightness to this beer.

High Vibin Beets

This is our American Sour Beer with beets and ginger. A touch earthy, a little spicy, and very bright.

Unmitigated Stoke 

A Hazy IPA brewed with Idaho 7, Azacca, Eldorado, and Bru-1. Tropical fruit notes, with big wafts of pineapple are balanced by a subtle malt sweetness.

Voices In Our Dreams

This is our take on a classic Belgian Blonde beer. A refreshing balance of fruity esters, with a bready slightly toasty backbone, and a very subtle honey undertone. 

Wizard Burial Ground

Russian Imperial Stout that hits hard and goes down easy. Chocolate notes balance out the Roasty underpinnings of this beer. 

Love Tractor House Made Kombucha - NOT Currently Pouring!

Communion Indulgence

We took our Belgian Dark Strong and aged it for 8 months in Red Wine Barrels. This beer offers notes of plum, raisin, stone fruit, tannin, and caramel. 

Shankly Gates

Traditional Oatmeal Stout, served on Nitro. This beer can be substituted for breakfast. A baseline nuttiness from heirloom English grains and Oats with layered in notes of roasty dark chocolate, toasted bread crust, and caramel. 

Enchanted Forest

A Vienna Style Lager. Vienna malt brings about a big toasty character that presents itself as breadcrust.  The slightly malty backbone brings balance to the woodsy flavored German hops found in this beer.