Howlin Wind
Brewing & Blending

A Rollinsville neighborhood  craft brewery where classical, innovative and funky beers are brought to life in this local community gathering space.

51 A Main Street, Rollinsville, CO 80474


Sunday 1pm-8pm
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 2pm-8pm
Tuesday 4pm-9pm
Friday 2pm-9pm

Saturday 1pm-9pm

Events & Music Happenings

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On Tap Now

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Howlin Wind
Brewing & Blending

Great craft beer has the power to bring local people together. And it’s our mission to do just that. We’re continually striving to produce delicious, drinkable craft beers while simultaneously building and bringing together our local mountain community.

Passion Projects Take Time…

We’re all about producing local easy drinking ales and lagers, but behind the scenes we have a lot more funky projects going on. Filling wine barrels to produce more funky farmhouse ales..but these specific beers take more time..

Our Team

We are a small local team from all across the country that have found ourselves in a remote little mountain town outside of the James Peak Wilderness Area. We all share a love for craft beer, a passion for the outdoors, with an ever present music influence.